I’m so grateful to God for His blessings in 2013 – Good health, wonderful and supporting family (Dad & Mum and my new brother, Wamson, Uncle Paul), special friends (Steve, Jerry, Meg, Gillian, Lilliane, Mumbi Mwangi, Tracy, Philip, Nathan, Judy, Renee, Joe, George, Robert and many many more) and a good job to name but a few.

To everyone that came into my life, I’m truly grateful to God giving an opportunity to interact with you.This are some of the memorable bit of 2013 for me.

  • I met William Collin when he came to Kenya for his work experience in the insurance industry – One jovial mzungu.
  • This is the year I met Renee after a long time of knowing each other online after meeting her in DayO Athi River once – great smiles and beauty she’s got.
  • Steve, convinced himself that he can be an MC after many years of free advice from me – great thinker and implementer.
  • The year Wamson, aboard his maiden flight to France to attend a Marathon which he won – awesome cousin.
  • The year I drove to Arusha, Tanzania -  the 1st time to go abroad.
  • The year I drove to Nanyuki for the 1st time and drove 900km in 2 days – Got to do it again.
  • The year I discovered my love for photography is real – I love adventure and Photography.
  • The year I lost 300k on a business deal – Good lesson.
  • The year I lost a my grand mother to death – Death is painful.
  • The year I lied so many times – Working progress.
  • The year I met Meg when drunk and she has always been good to me – Sweet wonderful woman.
  • The year I tweeted crazily – Change is gradual.
  • The year I learnt that planning is important – Thanks Gillian for the lessons and the patience.

You all gifts in my life. I’m honored and grateful to have you all.


Birthday gift like no other….. thank you Meg

Thank you God for another year of making me a better person.