When Safaricom advertised the Ideos, Google android, many heavy internet users on the move liked the phone as much as it had battery discharging issues. Queues on safaricom shops were evident especially I&M, and Moi avenue. The phones were in many colors just as Google colors (red, blue, green and black), as the many favorite’s color stock ran out, others opted to even have yellow cased phones at least they do not lack a phone during the 1 month Safaricom offer.

Huawei have come with simple technology that helps a single phone share internet up to about 7 computers, where the phone acts a wireless router/hot spot. These phone has been effective when someone goes to place he/she cannot access internet. Though sometimes slow due to network internet sharing congestion, the phone works pretty well even it can be used as a local LAN where people can connect machines together wirelessly to for a LAN and there sharing information/data. At somepoint I used it to stream live the #ImaCooperator a CIC Insurance Group youth initiative.

I find this phone very helpful when it comes to remote login. I’ve only used ssh to connect to my laptop in the house using ConnectBot. Am sure there are other remote connection applications for Android. Sharing of data with other devices has been boosted due to its simplicity in sharing from bluetooth, email, facebook, twitter among other application level sharing!!.
This phone has the best application ever, from WinAmp, PowerAmp, archMedia for media, SMSBackup+ for sms backup. Also the fact that I can sync contacts with gmail; very nice.
After all is said and done, there is one major draw back, and many other mobile phone models; its Battery life. It has the poorest as far as mobile phones are concerned.